Virtual Visit Progam at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Sponsored by Logitech, the VMC Foundation, and Ophoenix Public Benefit Corporation

The Virtual Visit program is an exciting and innovative approach to helping patients at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center stay in touch with friends and family through an online video conversation. Patients can participate from any location that can connect to the Wireless Internet Access for Patients. Thanks to a generous donation from Logitech, laptops, webcams, and headsets are now available for patients at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Cameras and headsets are also available to loan to families who want to participate in the program.


Using a Logitech® webcam and headset, plus MSN Messenger instant messaging software, patients at Valley Medical Center can participate in an Internet video conversation with their families, no matter how far away they live. The hospital has laptop PCs equipped with the necessary software and hardware, plus a state-of-the-art wireless network.

Click here for more information on the Wireless Internet Access for Patients (WIAP) program.

Click here for instructions on installing MSN Messenger.

Patient families with PCs (system requirements can be found in the Virtual Visit FAQ) and broadband Internet access (DSL or cable) at home are invited to check out a Family Loaner Pack, which contains everything necessary to participate in a Virtual Visit on their end:  Logitech® QuickCam® Pro 4000 webcams, Logitech® Internet Chat headsets (for additional privacy), software, and a set-up guide. The Family Loaner Packs are checked out for a period of one month; however, additional time can be arranged. When you are finished with the loaner hardware, you can bring it back to the hospital in the original box. If you want to keep your loaner hardware, please contact Chris Wilder, Executive Director of the VMC Foundation, at 408-885-5201.

VMC Virtual Visit Frequently Asked Questions